We want to understand how the brain extracts relevant bits of information from the world outside us and combines this with prior experience across different contexts, senses and states to generate meaningful behaviors.

Even as one skims through this page, the eyes read the letters, the ears tune to the track on the ipod, the nose smells the wires burning in the next room (hopefully not!) and the reader debates between a coffee and finishing the contents of this window. Hinging on the reader’s internal model of the world, useful information is extracted, routed and made use of, and the rest ignored.

We modulate the activity of select neuronal circuits reversibly in behaving rodents to explore sensory decoding, sensory-motor transforms and selective attention. We monitor inputs, outputs and top-down feedback loops across different neuronal layers and brain areas related to processing of odor information.  The broad scope of this effort is understanding how perceptions arise and relate to actions.

The following describes our projects and the array of tools we use.

We welcome your input, and value open sharing of ideas, results and tools.